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Don't Do Drugs, Kids! (Well, maybe some)

2012-07-24 16:17:11 by NathanDay

I highly doubt anyone will read this. That's okay. I'm feeling creative, so I'm working on a series of sequels to "Don't Do Drugs, Kids!"
These will be up within the month. (Picture related)
In other news, I have been banned from the audio portal. If you or a loved one have an answer as to why that is (seeing as how I have never submitted to the audio portal, and the songs I have tried to submit follow all of the rules better than some of the top page songs), please feel free to contact me. I have contacted a moderator, but he has yet to respond.

EDIT: Scratch that! Got unbanned, go ahead and listen to the pieces here and here!
I would like to thank Tom, Wade, and Rig for helping out with the whole getting unbanned thing. Thanks, guys!

Don't Do Drugs, Kids! (Well, maybe some)


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2012-07-24 17:21:50

funny, got a good amount of chuckles out of it. loved that part at the end where it said "the more you know", over all, i give it a 4 out of 5. good work and keep it up!

NathanDay responds:

Just you wait, sir. More is on the way!


2012-07-24 18:23:26

good, that pleases me.


2012-07-24 18:40:58

nah nah do all tha drugs